About Montreal Developer Jobs

We created a niche job board specifically for developers in Montreal. Every developer in the city knows that there is a huge amount of jobs on offer, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality (as evidenced by spammy job sites).

Montreal Developer Jobs, provides a new place to find curated job ads for all kinds of roles:

  • junior, mid-level or senior
  • software, mobile or web
  • frontend, backend or full-stack
  • remote, hybrid or on-site
  • etc.

Why a job board for Montreal?

Whether they like working remotely or not, many developers like hanging out with colleagues. At the office once a week or for a beer after work.

This is why full-remote worldwide jobs are not for everyone’s taste. A job board for Montreal can help developers find local jobs in the city they live in and also connect with people they know personally.

How do you select the job ads?

We manually curate many of the job ads on our site, and we also accept submissions from companies. However, each submission is validated by us before it goes live.

Any questions? Contact Sebastien at sebastien@castiel.me.

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With developer jobs from:

  • ubisoft
  • bell
  • coveo
  • gameloft
  • flighthub
  • autodesk
  • national-bank-of-canada
  • diff
  • cbc-radio-canada
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