10 developer meetups in Montreal you should attend

Posted on September 11, 2022.

Montreal is well-known for having active developer communities. Although some of them don’t seem to have started again since the pandemics, others are more alive than ever.

Here are the ones you want to attend.

1. Montreal JUG

The Montreal Java User Group is the most active meetup in Montreal. They meet every month, and talks (in French) are about anything related to the Java world: Kotlin, Micronaut, Quarkus, etc.

2. TypeScript Montreal

The TypeScript Montreal meetup is very new as it was created in June 2022, but already reunites up to 50 participants at its events. Talks can be in French or in English, and can be short (15 minutes) or longer.

3. js-montreal

The Montreal’s JavaScript User Group exists since 2010, and still brings dozens of frontend and backend developers together every month. Meetings were online during the pandemics, but they are now back in-person.

4. Software Crafters Montréal

The Software Crafters Montréal meetup is not dedicated to one language or one stack. You’ll see talks about software development in general, TDD, coding katas, etc. Anyone can propose a subject for a lightning talk or a round table discussion.

The perfect format to meet new people and grow your network!

5. Web3 Development Meetup Group

The Web3 Development Meetup Group is a new and growing meetup dedicated to blockchain and Web3 application development.

So far the events were about sharing projects. Don’t forget to bring your laptop, as in this meetup you can “get your hands dirty on some code, either your own project or someone else’s”, as the meetup description says!

6. Le Wagon Montreal

Le Wagon Montréal is a coding bootcamp teaching people development and data science. They also organize free workshops and talks about web development, machine learning and entrepreneurship.

Events occur online or in their building, in the Mile-End.

7. Montreal.rb

Montreal.rb is the meetup you want to go to if you’re a fan of Ruby. Meetups happen every month, and can be in French or English.

8. GDG Montreal

The Montreal Google Developer Group organizes monthly meetups with presentations about Android, Kotlin, Flutter, or anything related to the Google ecosystem.

9. Montreal Game Dev Meetup

Come to the Montreal Game Dev Meetup if you want to share progress on a game you’re creating, or if you want to give or receive feedback.

This meetup is new and is still quite small, but with the number of game developers in Montreal, no doubt it will grow fast!

10. ConFoo

Ok, that’s cheating, it isn’t really a meetup! But what is ConFoo if not a giant meetup?

ConFoo is the biggest developer conference in Canada. The next edition will happen from February 22 to 24, 2023, and will feature dozens of talks about various languages or tech stacks.

Also an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of people!

Attending developer meetups is a very nice way to learn new stuff and meet fellow developers.

If you are thinking about looking for a new job, there is no better way to grow your professional network and broaden your horizons. In that case, don’t miss our latest developer jobs in Montreal!

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