The best websites to find a developer job in Montreal in 2022

Posted on September 10, 2022.

Finding a developer job in Montreal (or anywhere) might seem easy, as you can find many job ads on the web. But this huge amount also means that it’s easy to feel lost. Some job postings might be outdated, irrelevant, or not what you are looking for.

This post lists some places you can look for your next developer job.


It’s probably the most obvious place to start looking. Not only many companies post their job listings there, but LinkedIn will use your profile to guess which job offer is relevant to you.

You can also see, for each job ad, who among your relations works (or worked) at the company. And since your LinkedIn profile is already up to date (it is, isn’t it?), you can usually apply easily to the job ads you like, without even leaving LinkedIn.

LinkedIn screenshot

As a drawback, LinkedIn contains a lot of noise. Many job ads are reposted from week to week, meaning that even if you aren’t interested in one, you’ll keep seeing it.

See Montreal developer jobs on LinkedIn


If you searched for developer jobs on Google, it’s very likely that Indeed results occupied most of the first page. And it’s easy to understand why: it is where you’ll find the biggest number of job ads.

Indeed screenshot

To apply for a job offer from Indeed, you’ll need to create an account an upload your resume, but the process is pretty smooth. And you may find several jobs offers that interest you there, so it’s definitely worth it!

The biggest problem with Indeed is the same as with LinkedIn. The focus is put on the quantity over the quality, meaning you’ll have to filter out the job ads that are not relevant to you, and maybe find the one ad that will become your dream job!

See Montreal developer jobs on Indeed

Canada Job Bank

Did you know that the Government of Canada opened a job bank? It aggregates job ads from several platforms (Indeed, Monster, etc.), and displays some interesting information such as the salary (for a few jobs ads only).

Canada Job Bank screenshot

Unfortunately, all the job ads only redirect to the platform they were posted on, so you won’t find all the information you are looking for on this centralized place. Still, it might be a good place to start looking for your next adventure.

See Montreal developer jobs on Canada Job Bank


Similarly to LinkedIn and Indeed, you’ll find many job ads on Glassdoor. But there is a point that makes it much more interesting: for each company, you can find reviews posted by current or former employees and salary information.

Even better: if you want to apply somewhere, you might find on Glassdoor some hints about the hiring process, such as coding challenges you’ll have to pass. It would be sad not to take advantage of it!

Glassdoor screenshot

Even if you don’t use Glassdoor to find relevant job offers, you can still use it to find top-rated companies. You might even find that the company you wanted to apply to is actually not very well-rated by its employees.

See Montreal developer jobs on Glassdoor

Montreal Developer Jobs

At Montreal Developer Jobs, we always favor quality over quantity, which is why you won’t find as many job ads as on LinkedIn, Indeed or Glassdoor. But you’ll know that each job listing was either manually curated by us (we are developers!) or validated manually if a company submitted it.

Montreal Developer Jobs screenshot

We also believe there is no better place to find relevant job ads than on the companies’ websites. Therefore all our job ads link directly to the original job listing on the company website. We only aggregate the best job ads to help you find your dream job.

Here is an overview of our latest job ads:

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Whether you are actively looking for your next job or only prospecting, you’d better not look at only one place, as it’s easy to miss your dream opportunity. By focusing on several platforms, you’re almost sure not to miss any offers.

If you have some companies in mind for your next adventure, also visit their website frequently to see their open positions.

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